Your own place

Your virtual home - we know how important it is. We want to give you all the tools, so you could feel in RL9 Football Quiz familiar. That is why you can customize your profile to a large extent, so it would stand out, so you could identify with it.

Firstly, you can design your own football shirt, that will become your avatar in a game. You can chose style, colours, number and name.

What kind of stile will you choose? Classic? Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes? Or maybe you will unleash your imagination, creating for your shirt-avatar something special? There will be lots of possibilities to make your avatar absolutely unique. More options will be unlocked as you progress in a game.


Tropht case will have incredibly important place in your profile. This is your wall of fame. Here your all medals, trophies and badges will pile up, so you will be able to brag about them to your friends. One glance at your trophy case will show power of your knowledge.

Beside trophies, you will find here also "hard data" about your game:

- current ranking,

- stats about online games (wins, loses, draws),

- prorgess i single player mode,

- position in league pyramid,

- participation and score in events,

- preferred categories, as well as those, in which you had a hard time - maybe it will be a good clue about what topics need more of your attention.

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