Football never sleeps

Everyday something important happens.

It can be a game, that can't be missed. It can be a transfer, which changes balance of power. It can be historical record beaten by Robert Lewandowski. It can be a derby game whole world awaits. It can be important award, that makes social media buzz. It can be rivalry of great managers in Champions League.

Well, you know the drill. If you're a football fan, you don't know what boredom is. Cause football everyday gives you a new menu of events. We know it very well, that is why we want to go with this hand in hand.


We will react with SPECIAL IN GAME EVENTS to everything important that will happen in football. Separate question database will be prepared for this particural event. Thanks to that, you will be able to test your knowledge about current hottest football topics. Maybe thanks to that you will learn many interesting facts, that will amuse your friend.

In 2021 Robert Lewandowski beat Gerd Muller Bundesliga record in most goals scored during one season.


  • Do you remember how many goals scored legendary German striker in his best season?
  • Do you remember which season it was?
  • How many more goals did Robert scored?
  • In what way Robert Lewandowski honored Gerd Muller?
  • What was Gerd Muller nickname?
  • How many times was he best scorer at World Cup?

Let our EVENT QUIZES be a special spice to everything that happens in football. We'll help you turn the heat up before a Champions League classic, Africa Cup of Nations inauguration and so on. Discover world of football from every side. Stay up to date, our quiz will remind you what's important right now in football.

EVENT QUIZES will differ in terms of way of playing, but they will be always available in friendly modes: single players and party mode. In EVENT QUIZES you will be able to win special badges and prizes.

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